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Savvy Business Owners,
Finding a highly effective sales team sounds easy right? If only it was that simple...

Well, Knowledge Changes Everything. We provide the most comprehensive Done-For-You (DFY), Performance-based, and Self-Managed services with one of the most well-rounded Marketing & Sales Team on the web!

Why Hire Lead Engagements For Your Business?

Certified LinkedIn Social Leads Consultants

Lead Engagements Business Consulting services set the standard in generating LinkedIn leads for your business. The majority of our team are ”Certified Social Leads Consultants” We have been the go to LeadGen Company for successful people. Your very own Social Leads Consultant can handle time consuming tasks such as LinkedIn LeadGen services, social media, research, graphics, audio/video, website maintenance, Lead Generation or finding new web connections for increased awareness and knowledge of you & your brand. We will have an impact on your business.

Our Social LEADs Consultants are extremely skilled, experienced and eager to help you and your business skyrocket to success. At Lead Engagements Business Consulting you will get a Social LEADs Consultant that is hired after careful examination of their skills and ability.

  • Education of your LEADs Consultant.
  • Working Hours.
  • Number of Hours required per week.
  • Time Zone.
  • Preferred Communication Language.
  • Level of English Language.

Google First Page Gurus!

Performance driven technology enables you to beat your competition in the search engines.
Using more than 200 ethical, white-hat methods, you get outstanding, GUARANTEED Page One Positions or your money back! We are that positive in our process. You will have access to reports which show your Page One Positions, which search engines they're in, and how much traffic was generated for you.

Our team will carry out the following steps for shortlisting the candidates for your LEADs Consultant:

  • Approach all the candidates which are the best match for your requirements.
  • The interested candidates are passed through a process for screening.
  • Timezone comfort ability is checked.
  • Forward the list of candidates to you.
  • You pick and choose which candidate you want to interview.
  • Carry out a short video interview at the time of your choice.

Website ADA Compliance

Is your Website ADA Compliant Yet?
The law provides no time for a company to take action before a lawsuit is filed, and it offers no real defense to a company after a lawsuit has been filed! There are so many benefits to having your website/web content ADA Compliant . . .

Let Us Bring Our Experience Into Play And Help You Get Your Website & Web Content ADA Compliant In A Flash . ..
We provide an In-House Program for $139 yr. Contact Support

We will provide you the following tools and reports about the performance of your LEADs Consultant on a Weekly basis.

  • Time Tracker of your LEADs Consultant.
  • Daily Progress Report.
  • Sign-in/Signout time.
  • Tasks handled per day.
  • Weekly hours worked.

Dont just take our words.

Dont Wait. This can be the next big step in your business!

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