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Local Ads Marketing Solution

Advanced SEO Package covers both onsite and offsite management completely Done-for-You.

What is in my LOCAL Ads Marketing Pro Package

Get advanced insights about who your customers are with our proprietary marketing insights.
What’s in the Data?

Learn demographic data about your customers such as their age, income, gender, and location. Also understand what their top interests and behaviors are—what do they do for fun, what are they actively browsing online, what are some other products they are likely to buy, where do they shop?

Pro Package Advantage

Top 20 behaviors sorted in descending order of highest propensity (likelihood)
Total active unique (reach) of each behavior who has interacted with your website in the past 30 days
The percentage reach your website has for each behavior in its addressable market over the past 30 days
Genders, Ages, and Education Levels

$49 month